Announcing a New Project, CB Reader

Ah, the first public breath of a new project. So much potential and so much to do. Exciting times are afoot.

From the teaser page:

CB Reader (code name) is a new project that aims to help people centralize their many sources of incoming online articles and organize them through semantic analysis and social network influence.

This is an application / service for people who use RSS, “read later” tools, Twitter and other sources to manage and read online articles. The big goal is to help you get the most from your limited reading time.

The only real action for you at the moment is to sign up for the mailing list, should this type of app interest you. From here I will be inviting people to participate in various reviews and beta testing.

I’m going to be doing my best to blog progress at it happens. How this will break down:

  • Clickable Bliss Blog — major release announcements only
  • Mike — discussion of the creation process, coding and design
  • “Future Product Blog” — user experience, tutorials, support, tips and tricks.

It feels great to be building things again. Ever since my return I’ve been drowning in accountants, lawyers, agreements and meetings. It’s been kind of a downer but, with this project starting to get momentum, I’m feeling great.

A New Beginning

I miss blogging. For a while it was a major way I interacted with the community, shared my thoughts, and met new people.

I vaguely remember shutting down this site down in favor of putting my full attention behind Clickable Bliss and its own blog. For a while this worked fine. I limited my blogging to tech things and was legitimately spending most of my time on Clickable Bliss. These days, I find myself splitting my time between Shindig and consulting. I still play video games and would love to work on a real RPG to call my own someday. I want to blog about these things but find the Clickable Bliss focus limiting or inappropriate.

This is a fresh start. A new beginning.