My meetup project is in beta: Guildflow helps people run successful technical meetups.

I have worked for more than a decade as a self-employed consultant (with a handful of years inside some larger agencies as well). Throughout that time I’ve helped dozens of companies execute projects on the Mac, iOS and Web. I enjoy project variety and the visible personal impact I can make as a consultant.

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Elixir / Phoenix Development

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to really love using Elixir and Phoenix for web app development.

What is Elixir? Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems.

I have experience using Elixir to build web apps for client projects as well as my own, including Guildflow.

iOS Development, Mentoring, Teaching

The majority of my projects in recent history have been in helping companies deliver iOS apps, through direct development or helping improve their full time iOS employees through teaching and mentorship. I consider myself to have a strong sense of successful user interface and often times help with crafting the user experience as well as implementing actual code behaviors.

Remote User Testing Sessions

A developer-focused, Remote User Testing Session of your mobile app or website, for $99

Watch sample recording session.

Project Management, Continuous Integration and Delivery

To create a successful development environment requires much more than just good code. On many teams I’ve helped institute project procedures and other good habits like: better sprint planning, documentation, code review, testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and more. If you would like to level up your development team and need a guide, let’s chat.


"Michael was a key contributor to our iOS mobile app. In addition to his work as a developer, Michael provided technical leadership, architectural direction, and helped us to significantly mature our codebase and development processes."
~ Andrew Schaefer, VP of Software Development at TrafficCast via LinkedIn
"Mike is an experienced and advanced iOS and MacOS developer. His passion is around teaching and sharing his vast knowledge base on all things Apple related among other things. He has done a great job running the Philly CocoaHeads group over several years and many folks in the Philly area and beyond have benefitted from Mike's efforts. He takes pride in his work and will go above and beyond to deliver quality craftsmanship on web and iOS platforms. Hire him and you will have a very valuable asset in your organization."

More background and testimonials on LinkedIn.

Core Values

  • I believe in iterative software development.
  • I believe it’s important to ship software as soon as possible, even though the early versions you’ll ship will be miles away from the ultimate vision.
  • I believe the most important lessons learned are from the users of your product and the sooner you get this product in their hands the sooner you will know how it needs to change to solve their problems.
  • I believe in tools that help us get stable solutions to user on a timely basis, including automation, continuous integration, code review, testing and sprint planning.
  • I believe for a project to be successful all product owners need to be actively involved.
  • I believe in regular user testing and observation, particularly when it comes to mocking up new behaviors before spending time coding up actual solutions.


My rate can vary anywhere in the $100-150/hr range depending on the project complexities and the timelines required. Discounts can be provided for prepayment.

I prefer to invoice every 2 weeks with 15 days NET.

I consult under the company name Zorn Labs LLC and checks should be made payable to that name.