Hello! My name is Mike Zornek. I am a self-employed developer and teacher who focuses on the web as well as iOS. I live in Bensalem, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) and you can often find me coding at IndyHall, a popular coworking space and community.

As far as programming and tech goes, I've very excited about Elixir, Phoenix, GraphQL and other modern web tech. I also have a long history of developing for the Mac and iOS. If you want more info on hiring me to help with your project, see my company site.

I've always enjoyed entrepreneurship and have built and sold various products in my career. I continue to fuel my interests through many podcasts and books. Hopefully in 2019 I'll have some new stuff to share. Stay tuned.

This blog hosts long form content and has an RSS feed if you know how to use such things. If you want to follow my day to day quips, check out my Micro.Blog account. It also has an RSS feed.

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