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Core Intuition is a podcast about the indie software business. It has a strong focus on Mac and iOS development, including the vibrant community that surrounds it. Hosted by two long-standing Mac developers — Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece — Core Intuition releases new episodes weekly. Each episode averages about 30 minutes of discussion.

As a old Mac developer myself, I’ve been following both Daniel and Manton for many years now and have been fortunate enough to meet them both at various developer conferences. I’ve always respected their opinions about software development and the Apple ecosystem, so when I heard they started their own podcast, I immediately subscribed.

When they started, Daniel and Manton had phases of regular releases and then periods of inactivity. These days, things at Core Intuition are stronger than ever and weekly releases are the norm. There’s even some sponsorship, which adds extra incentive to hook up the microphones week-to-week.

The team structures the show around popular news threads, yet tends to run off into tangents about personal stories and struggles. Ultimately, these tangents are what I enjoy the most, especially since I get to hear about how these two work through the problems that many self-employed people run into, especially when trying to balance life and shipping code.

For a part-time, two man show, the audio quality is impressive and comparable to many other network podcasts that I hear.

Core Intuition is a great podcast for anyone who works, or is interested in working, in the software development world. The thirty minute episode format makes it easy to squeeze the podcast into the drive home or make it a short diversion during lunch.

Daniel and Manton, thanks for the great content and keep up the good work.