My New Job with DmgCtrl

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After almost eight years of self-employment I have decided to jump back in and as of Monday started a new job working at Damage Control (DmgCtrl) here in Philadelphia.

DmgCtrl Logo

I would suspect most people (especially those outside Philly) will not know the name DmgCtrl and that is kind of intended. The founders Jason Allum and Mac Morgan have never really put much energy in advertising their “brand” and have let their work and client happiness speak for itself. Mac once said:

Do great work and everything sorts itself out. We don’t advertise (you can see from how sparse our website is) and rarely have to even pitch work, people find out about us entirely through word of mouth. So keep your eye on quality. Everything else is a distraction.

I’ve known DmgCtrl through IndyHall and Jason for years and there is really a lot of great things going on here. This isn’t a strait-up “Platform X” development shop. The projects aren’t limited to a single tech stack nor are the employees abilities. Diverse backgrounds are common and education seems to be a core part of the culture.

It may sound trite, but one of things I really came to love about working on Shindig was the benefits of being on a development team. I loved getting feedback via code review; I loved brainstorming ideas over lunch. Going back to contracting, doing 1-man projects all on my own, I felt like I was missing out, like I’m not growing as a programmer as much as I could.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to working at DmgCtrl. There are a bunch of interesting things in the pipeline, some I might even be able to talk about someday. 🙂