Checking In: April Flu, New Desk, Taxes

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I kind of fell into a work drought over last few weeks with a mixture of a bad stomach bug, a new desk which required lots of teardown of my office and now a few days of tax paperwork. Oh how I loath the tax paperwork.

On the fun side of things, I got to play through the campaign of Starcraft 2 and have been practicing my Protoss skills in some vs AI and ladder. I also picked up a 3DS XL (previously had a normal-sized 3DS) and have been revisiting some older games, playing Super Mario Land 3D and a few others. I also picked up Bioshock: Infinite but sadly due to the state of my room haven’t hooked back up the Xbox 360. Finally I’m playing Link to the Past on YouTube as a new Let’s Play. Been pretty good about posting new episodes daily. Feel free to check it out.

Will be back soon with some updates to my CB Reader project and others. Until then… 🙂