31 Days, 31 Products: Reeder

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Day 28: Reeder

This post is part of a larger series where for 31 days I’m posting a story about a particular product or service I’ve come to enjoy.

I had a bit of an RSS resurgence when I got my iPad Pro last year and my reading app of choice is Reeder.

Simple and consistent can sounds kind of boring but I think that it can also make for the best iOS apps. Apps that get out of the way and let their content be king work best — and for Reeder this is no exception.

Using Reeder you can import your feeds from a large list of “feed hosts” (I use Feed Wrangler). Like similar reading apps Reeder provides a nice sanitized version of the articles as well as quick links to their original HTML version. When you are done reading or skimming, Reeder has actions for Instapaper saving or otherwise sharing what you’d found on Twitter or other social platforms.

While I enjoy Reeder primarily for the iPad, it works for iPhone devices as well. Reeder costs $5 and can be purchased from the App Store.