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Someone has breached security and been sending out links to some sketchy surveys.

Push Notifications with survey link.

I saw some more yesterday so I figured I’d post a warning. seems to be aware of it (as the messages are being deleted) but alas when I asked support I got no response and I see no mention of the security breach on their site.

If you see these, do not click on the links.


Meetup’s Response:

Marianka (Meetup)

Dec 8, 4:14 PM EST

Hi Mike,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please know that those messages were not posted by Meetup HQ.

We take reports of fake accounts very seriously, and we’re working as a team to be more proactive in our rooting out of profiles like the one in your report and to grow our resources for members to flag them. Reports like yours help us fine tune our processes and improve our tools. Should you see anything like this going forward, please exercise caution and be sure to report the matter to us. In the future, please make sure you contact us directly from the email address associated with your Meetup account.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Mike.

All the best.

Integrity Specialist