Gaming Update, September 2018

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Forgive me, it’s been a while since my last gaming update. So, what am I playing?

Well first off, I’m officially done with Hearthstone. It’s a shame cause I like the game, but the price has just gotten out of control.


I was playing a bunch of World of Warcraft over the summer and into the new expansion. I leveled my rogue Paperkut to 120 but ended up unsubscribing right when the raid came out. I’m not interested in doing the whole “guild and 2-3 nights a week” raiding schedule and while I’m sure I would enjoy the braindead yet soothing process of leveling and gearing my alts it will still be there for me in a few months. For now I wanted to try some new games and put some more time into programming side projects.

After WoW, I went retro, starting games of Wind Waker, Earthbound and even a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlock. I consider them all still active playthroughs. Since my last nuzlock update I was able to finish the second gym with only one death so far. (RIP Perch, the Starly.)

And finally, last weekend I bought Cities Skylines — and oh man am I having fun building my cities. I’ll fault the game with having a poor built-in tutorial process but I was saved by lots of helpful web tips and tutorials. The base game is $29 with lots of paid for DLC. You don’t need the DLC to get started so if you fancy city simulators and have not checked it out yet, I do recommend. PC preferred, since it has a large mod community.

Let me know what you are playing! Email is fine, but blogging is better. See ya next time.