2018 Retrospective; 2019 Goals

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Overall 2018 was a pretty good year.

The Good:

  • 2018 marked the first full year of my self-employment comeback.
  • I was able to maintain billable client projects the entire year.
  • After having a few down productive months, decided to rejoin IndyHall as a full time member in July. It’s a bit costly (I pay extra for parking too), but this has helped me focus, both on client work and personal projects.
  • Attended WWDC and had some social fun.
  • Attended ElixirConf and doubled down on my excitement for this language, community and ecosystem.
  • Finished my handoff of Philly CocoaHeads admin duties (still active member), giving me more time for new things.
  • Continued to expand my web education.
  • Paid off some long time debits.
  • Started a savings account for a possible house down payment.

The Bad:

  • Many of my recent side projects have died on the vine. Lots of false starts. I’m not shipping like I want to.
  • Most of my consulting income comes from one large client. Need to diversify.

2019 Goals

  • Diversify and increase my income.
    • Add more clients so less dependent on single large client.
    • Add passive income through a new product/service.
    • Shoot for a 10% income increase.
  • Be better at shipping/executing.
    • 2017 & 2018 was a lot of learning new tech, demo projects.
    • 2019 needs to be about shipping real value.
  • Do a better job of tracking my time.
    • 20-30 client hours/week
    • 20-30 project hours/week
    • 50 total “work” hours/week
  • Better code documentation.
  • Utilize work byproducts as education / blog opportunities.