New Year, New Site

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a nice break and is recharged for the new year.

While most of my own break was quiet I did have one side project, rebuilding this website. It’s now hosted through a toolchain that includes Hugo, a static site generator written in Go, GitHub, CircleCI and Linode, replacing the previous WordPress setup.

I have nothing against WordPress, but it was overkill for my own needs and I generally like the idea of keeping my server lean, and a static site makes that easier.

The setup is very similar to my previous build of the PhillyCocoa website. The theme is not custom like PhillyCocoa, but a hack job on the Pickles theme. It’ll do for now but is as a good a base as any.

If you utilize the RSS feed for this site you might want to resubscribe. I’ve setup some redirects for old feed paths but other formats that WordPress provided (like ATOM) are not currently supported.

Similarly I’ve updated my Micro.Blog to use my own domain now, so its RSS feed is updated as well.

Feels good to check this project off the list. Hopefully it will encourage some more writing in the future. Stay tuned.