Gaming Update, December 2019

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With the holiday break going strong and my time for gaming increased, I figured I’d share what I’ve been playing lately.

World of Warcraft Classic

I’ve been playing regularly since its release and enjoying the retro feel for a few months now. I have a Level 55 Gnome Mage on Deviate Delight, an RP-PvP server. I also have a small collection of alts, all around the 16-18 level range. I’m taking things slow and enjoying the journey. I doubt I’ll join any scheduled raiding guilds but instead will focus on casual things.

I got the remake alongside a Switch Lite. I am very fond of the original GameBoy version and this remake has been a fun experience. It’s a pit pricy for a Switch game, so unless you are hungry for the nostalgia, I’d recommend buying it used in a few months. The Switch Lite has lots of pros and cons. I’m going to keep mine BUT it’s not something I’d recommend for others. Can share more if people are interested in a future post.

Pokemon Sword

With hesitation and frustration I bought the new release and sadly it has not hooked me in. It just feels dull, very repetitive and stale. Game Freak’s laziness and greed bleed through the experience. I really hope this is a wake up call for them and the series. I’ll continue to give it some of my time but I would not be surprised if it end up in the archive before finishing it like Ultra Sun/Moon and Let’s Go before it.

Final Fantasy 1

There is an event called Final Fantasy Fiesta going on over on Twitch where two streamers are playing all the mainline Final Fantasy games back-to-back in a race of sorts. It has me nostalgic so I went to play the first game a few days ago. I first looked through my closet for options (found the GBA version and NES Classic version) but ended up using OpenEmu and a spare PS4 controller on my MacBook Pro to play the original NES release. I’m a few hours in and enjoying the grind, sometime re-watching Sherlock via Netflix on the side.

That’s pretty much it for now. I didn’t ask for any new games for Christmas as I already have a high backlog stack so I suspect this will be my focus through January.

Enjoy the holiday break and play some games!