First ElixirConf, and Then Azeroth

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Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all had a good and productive week. I myself am feeling pretty good.

Went heads down this week and made some project progress for both clients and personal endeavors. Today, Friday, I’m working from home. First cleaning up a bit and then probably some more client work. Would like to close a few threads before attending ElixirConf next week.

I’m going for four days. First two days are workshops and then two days of conference talks. My workshops will be:

It’s going to be a fun week. Over the last year I’ve really started to get over the beginner hump of Elixir and am ready to sink my teeth into some of the deeper aspects (or aspects like Nerves and embedded software I’ve never touched).

Sadly while I’m away at ElixirConf I’m also going to miss the opening of WoW Classic. I’m really excited to see how Classic works out as I’m not a fan of current retail WoW but still enjoy the lore and atmosphere of Azeroth. It sounds like the early days are going to result in a fair amount of login queues so maybe my Elixir distractions will be for the best.

Pretty sure I’m going to level a Gnome Mage as my main. Server is Herod (PvP).

Regardless to all this, I am also looking forward to September and a no more trips for a little while. As much as I like to get out I also love being home and enjoying my routines. I also need to start getting more time into my side project and start it’s marketing / validation path to see if it’s a real product or not. More to come on that.

Enjoy the weekend and have some fun.