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I don’t do a ton of writing here but I do like to post updates at least once a month. Sadly I missed February. 😢 Truth be told, things are just really busy right now.

First, I did land a new contracting gig which has me busy for many hours a week (hoping to fit in even more billable hours in the coming weeks). It’s iOS work, and specifically for an SDK. Part of my job is to evaluate architecture things and where I can I’ll try to carry over some wisdom to some future blog posts (like I did with my Networking talk).

Second, per my goals for year I did find a new general practitioner doctor, had a checkup with blood work and have done some of my related followups, including a sleep study. Turns out my sleep apnea was even worse than I feared. The good news is, I’ve been using my new APAP machine for a few days and it seems to help a lot, though I’m still getting used to the mask while I sleep. As for the blood work, suffice to say, I have room for improvement. I did rejoin my local YMCA and have been pretty good going twice a week so far. I’ve been mixing up swimming, basketball and cardio. I even started a strength training class. It’s a large new time commitment, but it has to be a priority.

As for general things, I was able to finish my taxes this past week and it feels good to be ahead of that deadline. I made out better with my estimated taxes than I had planned so I took the extra money and paid off my car, which feels great.

I’m also doing my well with my ‘Attend more social events outside the tech zone’ goal by hosting a bi-weekly poker game at IndyHall. It’s a low stakes cash game ($20 buy-in) but a fun distraction.

The big thing that has fallen through the cracks is Club House Hosting. I’ve only been able to dedicate limit hours to it, though did a have a nice coding session this past Saturday. I need to find time to get this project over the hump. It’s not far from a beta launch and I really want to get it there.

So those are my updates. Thanks for sticking around. Hope to have something more technical / helpful in the next few posts.