For Hire: Spring 2023 Elixir Consulting Availability

I make a living through a combination of personal projects and consulting.

Let’s chat and work on something together!

Update: Spring 2023 Consulting Availability


Elixir / Phoenix: Mentoring and Development

I’ve been working with Elixir and Phoenix since 2017. Programming in general since the mid-90s.

As a senior developer I can help augment your team with a particular set of skills, including:

  • Mentoring junior developers (or those new to Elixir).
  • Helping the product team define features, identify edge cases, and break down work.
  • Support the development team with project documentation improvement goals.
  • Integrate with the design team as their developer advocate, helping transform idealized mockups into a component-based design system crafted for LiveView specifics.
  • Assist the QA team in identifying and resolving bugs. I am particularly good at breaking software.

Working on open-source projects and tools is a notable plus.

Check out my most recent consulting availability blog post for more info and examples of my work.

Core Values

  • A People-first Mindset to Business
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Empowering Users
  • Meaningful Work


"We would highly recommend Michael to anyone who would benefit from a senior software developer with an excellent technical approach, wide and deep knowledge as well as a great attitude."

"Michael was a valuable contributor to our startup project. His feedback during code reviews was invaluable. He dramatically improved the quality of our code base. As if that wasn't enough, Michael did an excellent job leading by example in software development best practices, while demonstrating excellent initiative, and self management. We would gladly work with Michael again."
~ Taun Chapman, CTO & Co-founder at ROAR for Good via LinkedIn
"Mike and I worked together at STRATIS in 2019/2020 where he helped my team gain momentum on our iOS SDK which is written in Swift. Mike is an extremely thoughtful and thorough developer, and makes his experience obvious immediately by emphasizing proper unit testing and documentation. The domain at STRATIS is very deep, and often takes newcomers time to completely understand and become productive. Mike was able to become productive in a very short period of time and was making good suggestions about the project from day one. I would highly recommend Mike to any team in need of an experienced iOS developer and stellar software engineer."
~ Michael Matranga, Senior Software Engineer at STRATIS IoT via LinkedIn
"Michael was a key contributor to our iOS mobile app. In addition to his work as a developer, Michael provided technical leadership, architectural direction, and helped us to significantly mature our codebase and development processes."
~ Andrew Schaefer, VP of Software Development at TrafficCast via LinkedIn
"Mike is an experienced and advanced iOS and MacOS developer. His passion is around teaching and sharing his vast knowledge base on all things Apple related among other things. He has done a great job running the Philly CocoaHeads group over several years and many folks in the Philly area and beyond have benefitted from Mike's efforts. He takes pride in his work and will go above and beyond to deliver quality craftsmanship on web and iOS platforms. Hire him and you will have a very valuable asset in your organization."

More background and testimonials on LinkedIn.


My rate is $150-200 per hour, with discounts available depending on perks and prepayment.

I consult under the company name Zorn Labs LLC, and all checks should be made payable to that name.