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Boston 2022 Trip

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After hosting a Christmas Eve party and visiting my Aunt’s house for Christmas Day, my sister and I went to Boston for a few days.

We took the train and stayed three nights. Highlights include a tour of Fenway Park, a visit to the Tea Party Museum, a Christmas light trolly tour, a beer stop at Cheers, a visit to the Boston aquarium, a tour of the Sam Adams R&D brewery, and multiple Italian dinners in Boston’s Northend. It was a full couple of days, but it never felt too rushed.

Our hotel was near the park, Boston Common. The small pond was frozen over, and many people were walking on ice.

Skate at your own risk.

Fenway Park will be hosting the Winter Classic hockey game later this week, so you’ll see them getting set up for that. Of the typically non-public areas we saw, the press box was particularly cool.

mike and michelle in front of Fenway Park sign fenway panorama press box from outside field with hockey rink being installed press box from inside

At the Tea Party Museum, you get a mix of live performances, videos, and interactive displays. They even let you throw tea into the river (though you have to pull it back when you are done with your treason).

tea party boat throwing tea into the river

Our light show trolly tour came back to the commons at night with a bunch of trees lit up.

tree with green lights mike and michelle in front of park christmas tree

The Boston Aquarium has a penguin display and some ice sculptures outside.

penguin ice sculpture penguins fish with mouth open

We went out from downtown to do a Sam Adams brewery tour. This specific brewery is no longer a production brewery but more of an R&D office. They have lots of non-commercial beers on tap to try out.

mike with beer tap room sign r and d sign tasting room our beer flight

In recent history, I’ve been leaning on little magnets and trinkets as keepsakes. Here are some from my Boston 2022 haul.

coasters and magnets tasting glass and magnet photos