Hello! My name is Mike Zornek. I am a self-employed (hire me!) developer and teacher from Philadelphia, PA.

I enjoy building digital products and sharing the joys and frustrations of computers through education. My primary programming language of choice is currently Elixir and I've been working with it since 2017. I tend to do freelance consulting for people using Phoenix and LiveView to build web applications of many sizes.

I am actively trying to get more familiar with CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) / event-sourced application design patterns. I am also interested in the ever-increasing maturity of LiveView components, Tailwind, and other user interface tools. I consider myself a bit of a UI snob and would love to improve my ability to build web-based UI without losing my soul to unruly HTML templates of doom.

When I am not coding, I enjoy watching baseball (go Phillies!) and playing videos games; more often than not, RPG games from the SNES era.

I am an active member of many Philadelphia-based communities including: IndyHall, Philly Elixir and Philly CocoaHeads.

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