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My New Project: Club House Hosting

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Over the past few months I’ve been tinkering on a new project and it’s time to start to talking about it publicly.

From the Development Journal:

Club House Hosting is a new platform that will help group organizers launch dynamic websites for their group using their own domain. These sites will feature traditional publishing tools as well as tools dedicated to the unique needs of running a group, from things like event calendars with RSVP systems to member directories.

I’ve decided to keep most of this discussion on a separate blog since a big part of that content that will be posted is non-technical advice for group organizers and I don’t feel like that audience overlaps too well with my personal dissertations on the latest video games.

Aside: Can’t wait to play Link’s Awakening this weekend!

If you are a group organizer or know of one, please consider passing along the website, it’s RSS feed, it’s Twitter account, and so on.

I’d really love to hear from people who are running groups and what they would like to see from their tools.

Thanks for sharing.