A Look Back: Week Ending October 11th

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Lots of times it’s easy to feel bad about missing deadlines but when you add it all up, it turns out a lot of things happened last week.


  • Launched the big marketing landing page update with lots of new screenshots to tempt people to join the beta and upgrade their own meetups.
  • Worked on a fork of swoosh (an Elixir email library). Specifically my fork updates the Postmark adaptor so I can batch and send broadcast email with a custom message stream. Hope to post an official pull request and demo video soon™. Eventually Guildflow will use this adaptor to help group admins send broadcast messages (with email notifications) to the memberships at large.
  • Started some experiments with EthicalAds, which is a privacy-focused advertising network for developers from the folks at Read the Docs. The admin team there is very helpful and I hope this works out.


  • For the Android Book Club I read and coded chapters: 21 (Styles and Theme), 22 (XML Drawables), 23 (More About Intents and Tasks).
  • Met with Kotaro to review progress on his iPad drawing app and share my own progress with Guildflow.
  • Cleaned up a lot of loose end todos and digital trash.
  • Started work on some Elixir tutorials. Will share more when they are ready.
  • Took delivery of a new Intel NUC which for now is running Pop_os!.


  • Continued my play through of Final Fantasy 4j (rom hack version). Deep into the final dungeon. Probably only one more gaming session left.
  • Played a mix of Mario 64 Switch, Hades and Red Dead 2.
  • Hit a wall trying to get my AirPods fixed.