A Look Back: Week Ending October 25th

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Lots of times it’s easy to feel bad about missing deadlines but when you add it all up, it turns out a lot of things happened last week.


  • Worked on some limited podcast marketing experiments.
  • Started work on website update that would offer the screenshots in a gallery UI.
  • Took a meeting with a community manager of a technology company and learned a ton about the needs of a person who helps lots of meetups promote that tech.
  • Finished reading Get Together.


  • Started a new full time client project, where I get to help out with a large Elixir / Phoenix project.
  • During the onboarding for said client project, got to learn about asdf a tool to manage multiple runtime versions with a single CLI tool. I have mixed feeling about it vs a Docker setup but trying to give it a fair shake.
  • For the Android Book Club I read chapter 27 WorkManager and chapter 28 Broadcast Intents.
  • Started reading Shape Up which is a project process from the folks at Basecamp.
  • Caught up with my two mastermind groups.
  • Promoted my first Phoenix by Example stuff on Twitter.


  • I voted!
  • More progress on my Majora’s Mask 3DS playthrough.