A Look Back: Week Ending November 1st

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Lots of times it’s easy to feel bad about missing deadlines but when you add it all up, it turns out a lot of things happened last week.


  • Launched multi-episode sponsorship of the Release Notes podcast.
  • Updated marketing site with gallery presentation of screenshots.
  • Did some development work towards group broadcast messaging.
  • Took a research meeting with a meetup organizer.
  • Did a demo for the Philly GDG (Google Developer Group).


  • Lots of REDACTED client work in Elixir / Phoenix.
  • Finished reading Shape Up which is a project process from the folks at Basecamp.
  • Started reading Real-Time Phoenix.
  • For the Android Book Club I read chapter 29: Browsing the Web and WebView, 30: Custom Views and Touch Events, and 31: Property Animation – the last chapters.
  • Chatted with Kotaro about side project progress and goals.