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An Android Book Club for iOS Developers

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I’m starting a new book club that will teach Android development using Kotlin for current iOS developers. Details below.

This is a book club dedicated to learning Kotlin and Android application development. Specifically, I am hoping to attract current iOS developers who are looking to expand their knowledge and use their current experiences with Swift and iOS to help shape the conversations at the weekly meetings. That said, previous Swift and iOS experience is not required, but just expect some comparisons to come up.

About the Host

My name is Mike Zornek and I am from from Philadelphia, PA. I am the developer behind the Guildflow website that hosts this book club and am selfishly using this book club in part to help test it out.

I am a long time Mac and iOS developer. I am interested in learning Kotlin and Android so I can help build a companion app for Guildflow. I am also interested in being more familiar with Kotlin and Android as I often work on consulting projects that develop both iOS and Android versions.

The Books

This book club will happen in two part. The first part will be about 6-8 weeks and focus on the Kotlin language itself and use the book Programming Kotlin by Venkat Subramaniam along with coding challenges from the Exercism Kotlin track. The second part of the book club will be closer to 12 weeks long and focus on Android application development and will use the book Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (4th Edition). Note the 4th edition, as it was updated to use Kotlin.


The meetings will happen every Monday at 8pm-9pm (Eastern Time) and happen through a video chat using Whereby.

We’ll also provide a Slack chat room for in-between meeting discussions to be shared later.

How to Sign Up

To join the group use the Membership Application:


Once you are accepted into the group you can RSVP for events as well as view the membership list and other members-only details.

Questions / Feedback?

Send email to:

Book Club Website: link-removed