Help Me with an Introduction to Your Meetup Organizer

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It’s an open secret that I’ve been working on some new software to help meetups, specifically with an early focus towards technical meetups.

While the foundation is coming together, there are still a ton of open questions and I’m trying to schedule some more customer research phone calls with other meetup organizers.

To be clear, I’m not selling anything, just asking a handful of questions helping me:

  • understand why they run their group
  • find out how it’s going historically and during COVID
  • learn what tools are working well and what tools are not

The call lasts about 30 minutes.

Schedule a 30 minute video chat!

If you are part of a technical meetup, please do me a favor and make an introduction to your group leadership. It would be extremely helpful to me. Here is a draft email you can start with:


I saw this blog post asking for help making introductions to
other technical meetup organizers. I follow the guy on
social media. He is doing research for some meetup related
software and I wanted to help him out with an introduction.
He assures me it's not a sales call, just a few questions
about our group. If you want to reach out or learn more info
check out:

Schedule a video chat (30m):