A Screencast about Building Screencasts: How I Built the Guildflow 70-second Introduction Video

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I’m a big fan of screencasts. I generalize the term screencast here as any video where you see primarily a computer or user interface, with a voice and optional video feed of a person doing some kind of demonstration.

You’ve seen lots of screencasts here on the blog and I’ve even done a few professionally as a consultant, using real voice-over performers.

In today’s video I’ll recount how I built the recent 70-second introduction video for Guildflow with specific demos and discussions of the tools I use including:

  • Bear to write a screenplay in Markdown.
  • Keynote to build a presentation of screenshots.
  • Screenflow to record my desktop and edit the capture.
  • QuickTime and Acorn to build thumbnails.

Thanks for watching!