A Look Back: Week Ending September 27th

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Lots of times it’s easy to feel bad about missing deadlines but when you add it all up, it turns out a lot of things happened last week.



  • For the Android Book Club I read chapter 18 (Accessibility). I have not yet coded this weeks chapters (16, 17 and 18) but hope to do so on Monday before the meeting.
  • I did however get deep into some Jetpack Compose tutorials and experiments.
  • Attended the Philly CocoaHeads Side Project Saturday event.
  • Did a two hour pairing session using Elixir for a prospective subcontractor role.
  • Did a pair of mastermind related meetings.
  • Met with Kotaro to review progress on his iPad drawing app and share my own progress with Guildflow.
  • Attended an IndyHall show and tell which included member onboarding improvements and voting info.
  • Hosted the rescheduled September meeting of Philly Elixir and talked a lot about LiveView use in Guildflow.


  • Continued my play through of Final Fantasy 4j (rom hack version). About to go to the moon for those who know that game.
  • Had to request a return of Mario 3D All Stars from Amazon (it never showed) and instead ordered a copy from Target.
  • Had a social coffee with a friend. Trying to set these up with people I’d normally run into downtown but have not seen in months due to lock down.