Journal -- October 30, 2022

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Sunday, October 30, 2022 – It is Sunday night, and after a chill day, I wanted to catch up on some journal entries.

First off, my new client gig is working out well. The last two weeks were mostly about getting over the onboarding hump, asking many questions, and working through some bug issues to familiarize myself with the code base. Still have a lot to learn, but we are merging PRs, which is a good sign.

I’ll need to start deploying those changes this upcoming week and plan some version upgrades for Elixir, OTP, Phoenix, and more. I’m also sinking my teeth into a more significant project proposal draft. The challenge is hours. This part-time tech lead job is capped at 8 hours per week, which is very tight. I need to be very careful about which tech hole I want to jump into, knowing I have enough time to climb back out. I was allotted some extra hours during the onboarding phase, but that is over.

I’ll probably be shaking trees looking for something else to supplement this, so take this as an early ask: “anyone you know looking for Elixir help?”

Other recent victories include finishing the last of my old apartment cleanup and packing. I got that done last week, handed in my keys, and did a walk-through inspection with my previous landlord. Hopefully, I’ll get back the full security deposit as there were no complaints from her, but these people have been so shady with everything; who knows?

My entertainment time budget continues to be primarily filled with Phillies games, and I’d have it no other way. I was finally able to get a Steam Deck and have been playing a bit of Tunic but not enough to have any significant opinion yet (about the handheld or the game).

I posted this on my social feed but will share again:

📚❤️ I finished Project Hail Mary (via audiobook) and it was really good.

The sci-fi was fun and believable. The protagonist is someone you enjoy rooting for. I particularly enjoyed the voice actor’s performance.

Project Hail Mary on Audible

If you are looking for a fun sci-fi book, check it out!

Also shared on my social feed was news about a new cycle of the Elixir Book Club. If I can I’d like to take the meetings as a prompt to blog some thoughts on testing in general but we’ll see.

That’s it for now. Going to jump on my Steam Deck for about an hour then off to bed.

Have a nice week.