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Journal -- November 20, 2022

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Sunday, November 20, 2022 – It’s another Sunday night journal entry. Let’s go!

Client work is going well, though my hours are capped at 8 hours per week (the other developer is 16 per week). This results in things moving slower than I’d like, but it is what it is—doing a mix of dependency updates, bug fixes, and a few minor features. I hit a wall trying to compile a linux/amd64 OTP 25 Docker image on my M1 Mac (I keep hitting internal emulation errors, likely from the JIT part of modern OTP) and may blog/rant about that soon™.

Personal project Franklin is seeing some small progress. I’ve been working on my second resource / CQRS context, Articles, as I try to get the site in a basic working order. See the active draft PR if you dare. Started making some naming and format changes from what I did in my first context, Posts. Post itself will be later refactored. I’ve decided to have Article be my long Markdown-flavored writing content and then a separate entity, SocialPost for my smaller, plain-text, cross-posted social timeline content.

It’s getting cold in Philadelphia, so I started going to the YMCA for some indoor cardio in place of my outside morning walks. It’s about a ten-minute drive away, adding some time, but it is much more enjoyable. I also enjoyed a swim in the lap pool one day.

For fun, I’ve been playing through the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster on my Steam Deck. I’m not sure if I would place the remaster over some ROM hack alternatives, but I will mention the new soundtrack. It is very well done.

My eyes have been bothering me a bit over the last few weeks, and I broke down and got some reading glasses (which I’ve probably needed for a while). They do seem to help with books and iPad reading, but the distance/focal point is not right for the computer. I have an appointment next week with the optometrist and may get a prescription for my computer use.

Finally, I decided to turn off my social cross-posting to Twitter. I generally post content first to, and it cross-posts to Twitter and Mastodon on my behalf. Not happy with the direction of Twitter, and while I’m sure to lose connections with some people, it felt like something I had to do.