A New Project: ElixirClub

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Today I am announcing a new project of mine taking shape. It’s called ElixirClub.

ElixirClub is an outcome-oriented community that helps Elixir developers finish their side projects.

Working on a side project by yourself is surrounded by risks:

  • personal loss of focus
  • no accountability
  • endless time extensions
  • exploding scope

Even a completed side project might be considered a failure if it does not find its audience or fails to provide a reasonable return on your time investment.

ElixirClub is a community where people can plant their flag, declare their side project goals, and meet fellow Elixir developers climbing the same mountain.

Through a mixture of accountability, education, and celebrations, you’ll be part of a group that fosters successful habits to an ultimately successful side project.

What to expect as a member?

All the below community heartbeats are designed to help you shape the work needed to see your side project to its planned completion and build a habit loop for regular progress.

  • ✅ Weekly async project check-ins to share wins, plan next week’s work and ask questions.
  • 📅 Weekly live coworking sessions, offering a mix of face-to-face accountability and dedicated mic-off time-boxed work time.
  • 📺 Themed live (and recorded) events around side project management concerns and Elixir-specific programming interests.
  • 📝 Written guides and suggested tasks to wrangle your project and find your flow.
  • 🤝 A code review trading board that allows members to exchange code reviews.

Membership to the community will require a modest monthly subscription. This choice helps pay for the community software, helps people solidify their dedication to their projects, and helps fund my work creating content for the group.

Right now, my priorities are to chat with folks who are good candidates for such a group and work at preparing a productive home to host everything.

If you would like to hear more about this in the future, please email me mailto:zorn@zornlabs.com?subject=ElixirClubSubscribe, and I’ll add you to my manual notification list.

If you are really excited about the group, please reach out and book some time on my calendar: https://savvycal.com/zorn/chat – I’d love to hear what side project you are working on.