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Standup for Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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❤️ Feeling: Feeling great. Excited to be on vacation again and have an opportunity to work on some personal projects.

Accomplishments(Tuesday): Closed out some open pull requests with my client and otherwise wrapped up my contract. Did some laundry (towels). Won a 12-inning overtime game in MLB: The Show with my Diamond Dynasty team, the Philadelphia Frogs. After a night of piss poor batting and 22 strikeouts, with 2 out, 2 strikes, and a man on third, I ran a squeeze play where Rickey Henderson (99 speed) bunted in the winning run. It was glorious. Sadly this also aligned with a 5-hour overtime loss by the Phillies, which I had on in the background.

🥅 Goals: Sleep in (done!). Morning walk (done!). More laundry. Blog about my overall vacation plans. Read the next chapter in my Unit Testing: Principles, Practices, and Patterns book, which I am really enjoying. Do some project idea auditing to see if I can work out what I’d like to work on over the break.

🆘 Help: I’ll be headed to the shore soon™ and welcome book recommendations, work or play.

Frogs win in 12 innings.