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Journal -- June 13, 2022

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June 13, 2022 – Had a nice weekend. On Saturday ran some errands and got my usual weekend pretzels. In the afternoon I did some cleaning around the apartment, organizing the hallway linen closet and a mix of drawers. Around 4pm I watched the Phillies. Sunday saw the weekly food pickup. Made a point to get some snacks for my week at shore, which is coming up next week. I watched the early part of the Phillies game at 1pm but when the game got out of reach I took to my own distractions in some books and games.

This morning I was at the doctor for a previously scheduled checkup. We talked about a few things but the actionable item for me is to regain some lost ground in my weight lose targets. Need to double down on being active and cut some of the post-dinner cookies. I’ve stared tracking my food in a journal again and hope it will help me keep focus. I also have to get my blood work done at a lab. Normally they’d do it right there in their office but they are short staffed.

After the doctors, I took action and went for a long walk. Was a little hotter than my usual early morning walks but not too bad. No big plans for the afternoon. Michelle will stop by after work to look through some of these things I’m going to throw away from my weekend cleaning.