Journal -- June 14, 2022

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June 14, 2022 – Got a small coding session in yesterday though it ended early when some family errands came up. Got the basics of Commanded installed and some starter events made. Not a notable amount of work for a normal day but for a vacation day it will do.

This morning had to skip my usual first thing breakfast and sleep in a bit. Was required to fast for some blood work. I’ve been known to get light headed when giving blood and brought some juice and granola bars. Luckily they were not needed and it went on without any issue.

In the afternoon I wrote out my June tax estimate payments and dropped them off at the post office. Also took out some cash for the shore at the ATM. Will have to start packing my bags soon enough. Finally, posted some details about the planned Philly Elixir Social for July which we talked about at the end of last meeting.

With my laptop in hand and some Yo-Yo Ma on in the background I think I’ll get back to my coding project for a bit and then maybe some book reading.