Journal -- June 17, 2022

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June 17, 2022 – I have been slacking on my journal entries so let’s catch up.

On Wednesday I watched the afternoon baseball game and then went to play Quizzo with my cousin at the local pub. We lost; it was not close. A bunch of teachers fresh out on vacation schooled us. Overall a nice day.

On Thursday I had a down day. Just no energy or motivation. Maybe it was the morning rain breaking my spirits. Spend most of the day grinding my baseball video game and eating junky food. These kind of days aren’t the end of the world but I’d feel better getting something productive done.

Today, Friday, was better. Slept in a bit; my CPAP mask said 9.5 hours. After cleaning up and doing my morning chores I went outside to clean out my car. Got rid of some trash and cleaned out the glove box. Took the car to the local car wash and then when I was back home did a more proper interior cleaning and window wash. Also took the opportunity to install some new windshield wipers.

Looking ahead I suspect I’ll have to drive a bit at night over the next few weeks. Having lousy wipers really makes a night drive in the rain extremely troublesome for me so I’m hoping they (and the wash) help out.

Tonight, no big plans. Phillies have a double header today and I’m watching the end of game one as I type this. I’ll probably sneak a peak at game two along side some video gaming in the evening. Might start some shore packing but feel like that won’t happen until tomorrow.