Journal -- June 27, 2022

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Monday, June 27, 2022 – I had goals of waking up early and getting back to work today. Failed and ended up sleeping in most of the morning. After lunch was able to get some focus and be a little productive on the laptop from the recliner.

Got some bills and banking dome. Caught up archiving a week’s worth of email. Read through some unread Slack messages but aggressively marked whole groups as read without concern. Also watched some videos from a Domain Driven Design course, though sadly it did not gel with me as much as the author’s testing book did. I think I’ll give it some more time but am also eyeing up some book marked conference talks and a testing LiveView video course I bought a bit ago.

COVID recovery is coming along. Still coughing a tiny bit but at the point where I have stopped the mucinex pills. My anti-viral pills will go through tomorrow morning but I am anxious to finish up the prescription and get that metal taste out of my mouth. Planning on a walk tomorrow morning and see how it feels.