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Standup for Friday, June 3, 2022

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❤️ Feeling: Good but a little guilty. I skipped my walk/workout this morning in favor of getting to my desk sooner. I have plans tonight so want to get some stuff done.

Accomplishments(Thursday): Worked on some financial todos, sending out invoices, paying bills, depositing checks. Spent some time pontificating and evaluating my side project idea list. Feel like I’m close to locking down my choice. I even have a draft blog post sharing some of the ideas I passed on (at least for now) along with what I’m going to do any why. At night played some MLB: The Show and did eventually give up on that Jimmy Rollins event in favor of some more tunned CPU difficulty / rewards I am looking to capture. Bought the cards outright with my stash of stubs.

🥅 Goals: Finish and publish Side Project Idea Audit post. Kick off side project by writing up some overall goals and values. Make a repo, GitHub Project, etc and start drafting some tasks. Book reading after lunch. Around 2:30pm (eastern) there will be a content show for some new stuff in MLB: The Show I’d like to watch. This evening, attending the Phillies game with my sister.

🆘 Help: I’ll be headed to the shore soon™ and welcome book recommendations, work or play.