Standup for Monday, June 6, 2022

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❤️ Feeling: Feeling very lazy and unmotivated this morning but trying to get some things moving.

Accomplishments(Friday+Weekend): Published my Side Project Idea Audit. Started a new repo for the blog project (called Franklin) though it is still very bare. Finished chapters 9 and 10 of my testing book. Attended Phillies game on Friday night and a family picnic on Saturday. Sunday was lazy around the apartment reading and watching Phillies. Played a little MLB: The Show and started grinding through the new prospect program.

🥅 Goals: Going to watch the WWDC keynote with my Philly CocoaHead friends. I’m not doing Apple platform development anymore but still fun to catch up with what they are up to. Hoping to hack on Franklin a little in the afternoon and then go to my sister’s place for dinner (fresh pasta!). At night will continue working through my mini season playoffs in MLB: The Show.

🆘 Help: I’ll be headed to the shore soon™ and welcome book recommendations, work or play.