For Hire: Spring 2023 Elixir Consulting Availability

Standup for Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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❤️ Feeling: Another low energy coding day day. Just not feeling it.

Accomplishments(Tuesday): Bought my conference ticket and plane ticket for ElixirConf 2022. Going for the training day as well. Opted for the Instrumenting Elixir Applications class. Finished reading my testing book, it was really good. Also bookmarked the Domain-Driven Design in Practice course of the same author. Seems relevant to my interests. Watched the Phillies come back (again) in the ninth to win it. They are on fire.

🥅 Goals: Feeling kind of low energy so don’t have too much planned for the day. Need to go back out as I forgot to pickup my prescription refill while doing other morning errands. Will be hosting the Philly Elixir meetup later tonight which I expect to be a mostly social catchup with people. I have nothing formal to present. Maybe some book reading during the day but as I type this I expect to grind some video game baseball after publishing.

🆘 Help: I’ll be headed to the shore soon™ and welcome book recommendations, work or play.