Standup for Thursday, June 9, 2022

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❤️ Feeling: The Phillies have won six in a row and I don’t know what planet I am on anymore.

Accomplishments(Wednesday): Some afternoon errands and a light work day. Ran the Philly Elixir meetup, which was a light social affair. Lost two ranked MLB: The Show games, but the second one was at least close. Starting to doubt I’ll get enough total innings in this season for the Greg Maddux card, but at least its stub costs is coming down.

🥅 Goals: Do laundry. (How do I, as a single bachelor household generate so much dirty laundry?) Going to watch the Phillies afternoon game and hack on Franklin in the background. Would like to at least get commanded installed in my project and some basic events working. For MLB: The Show, starting to get my head around how to how to grind player XP points (which I need to do better at to finish up these missions).

🆘 Help: I’ll be headed to the shore soon™ and welcome book recommendations, work or play.