Journal -- July 1, 2022

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Friday, July 1, 2022 – Good news, I tested negative this morning and best I can tell have recovered from COVID. I’ll be on the look out for a rebound infection as it is a possibility with the antivirals I was taking but overall very happy and excited.

Bad news, my sister who I spent a ton of time with at the shore tested positive. Really bummed for her as she was looking forward to getting back to the shore. She was all packed ready to go before the test came back positive after almost a full week of negative results. I’ll do my best and make her comfortable with some food store trips and other errands. The isolation is much harder on her than me. She is an extrovert for sure. Whole thing sucks.

While I can’t point at much productivity this past week, yesterday I was a successful at cleaning up my room, desk and bathroom. I saw a small bug in the bathroom in the morning and was all like – NOPE! Finally some inspiration to get things cleaned up.

Otherwise been watching baseball and playing baseball on the PS4. New program came out last night so lots of new missions to do.

With July here I should probably put some more focused energy on programming/work. Vacation can’t last forever. We’ll see how that goes.