Journal -- July 14, 2022

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 – Birthday recap from Monday is pretty basic. Had an excellent breakfast at a local diner with my sister. Got pancakes which were great though I can never finish them all. Played some games and then took a nap before dinner with my aunts and uncles at my favorite brick oven pizza place. A fine relaxing day. Got lots of goodies and chocolate gifts. Michelle made the family chocolate cake which was delicious. I have a slice in the freezer for later.

On Tuesday, we worked through some of my mom’s old things, getting as much suitable stuff ready for donations. It’s still very hard packing up her things.

On Wednesday, I hoped to see the apartment repair man return, but no dice, no call, no nothing. Spent a few hours continuing my new apartment search. In the evening, I hosted a small social gathering for Philly Elixir. The outdoor beer garden was way more packed than we expected, but most of us (sorry Quinn) found each other and enjoyed each other’s company. I think we’ll do an online meeting next month and then maybe try another in-person social in September.

Today is going to be pretty quiet. Might run those donations to the drop-off but otherwise just catching up on email and little things. Tomorrow I have plans to tour an apartment and might drive by some others.