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Journal -- July 16, 2022

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Saturday, July 16, 2022 – Yesterday I did some more apartment hunting and scheduled even more tours next week. Starting to get my head around what I want and what I will compromise on. Have high hopes for the scheduled tour next Friday as it is a more isolated place near a park and walking trail, which looks nice. We’ll see.

Today is a light day. Took a morning walk and then got some pretzels. Finished watching “Inning 7” of the Ken Burns Baseball documentary. I watched it in 2020 in lieu of the missing early baseball season that year and am enjoying it just as much the second time through.

Need to get some laundry done in prep for my mid-week trip to Cooperstown. Going to be a lot of fun. Also need to download some audiobooks to try out for the car ride.

Other fun news, I think it was Wednesday or Thursday, I finally got an invite to buy a PS5 from Amazon, and with a bit of help from some birthday gift cards, put the order in. Should be here tomorrow. Planning to play through the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its DLC as well as update my copy of MLB: The Show (assuming my account / cards just transfer over). I had to get the bundle, so I’ll give Horizon a spin too. Honestly, the purchase is as much about upcoming games as those out right now.