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Journal -- July 26, 2022

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – Attended the Phillies game last night. They came back to defeat the Braves with a 3-run home run by Bryson Stott in the bottom of the eighth inning! It was glorious.

Before the game, I started working on some notes for my fall consulting search. As a consultant, it is always a bit challenging as I need to demo my Elixir skills, but the client code is obviously not available to show. I think I have some good notes as well as some projects and blog posts from my ElixirFocus site.

I’m doing some coding work today, trying to finish my first pass at my Commanded CQRS/Event Source blog project. In short, it’s a basic first pass at commands, events, and other systems to help me figure out the patterns I want to use. Today I’m specifically trying to get my head around validation and how I want to do that, knowing I’ll want Ecto.Changeset structs available for the web layer.