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Journal -- July 4, 2022

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Monday, July 4, 2022 – Yesterday, after a morning walk and post-lunch nap, I took to the pool of my apartment complex. It was my first time there as it was closed last summer. It’s a much smaller pool than my previous apartment complex but was nice enough. At 4 pm, they cleared out the crowd for an hour-long lifeguard break and pool chemical check. I wish I could have stayed in place but ended up taking my beach chair and setting up shop in the shade of a tree by the river—a nice place to continue reading my book and enjoying the day. At 5 pm, I returned for one more swim before drying out in the sun.

In the evening, I made some fresh pasta and watched the Phillies on ESPN. The fresh pasta hit the spot, and while I had aspirations of leftovers for later in the week, I went back for seconds and exhausted the bowl I made.

Today I got fresh pretzels. Second time in three days but was in the mood. Rest of day is still undecided. Will likely read some books and do some laundry. I hear there will be some fireworks at night by the river. Might check that out if I am in the mood.

Tomorrow I got tickets for the Phillies game and am planning on heading down early to watch batting practice and make a fuller day of it all. With July here, I figured I should make the best of it and enjoy my summer break while it lasts.