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Journal -- August 23, 2022

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – As the great Barbra Streisand sings: “People; People who need people; Are the luckiest people in the world.” (1)

After a few needed days of rest from my vacation (love how that logic works) I had an enjoyable extended weekend catching up with folks. Saw a friend for lunch on Friday, attended the in-person Philly CocoaHead Side Project Saturday on (you guessed it) Saturday, and then a family kid’s birthday party on Sunday. Otherwise been slowly ordering moving boxes and doing some todos related to my upcoming apartment move. I won’t start packing for another few weeks, but getting everything organized and also having some friends stop by and take a few furniture pieces I won’t be taking with me.

My Elixir Exercism video series continues on a slow but steady pace. Feeling pretty good about that and even started to promote it in a few places.

Also starting to bang the drum on my consulting availability a little louder. I am even considering getting name badges with “Hire me” on them for ElixirConf.

Speaking of, ElixirConf is next week, and I’m looking forward to it. I fly out on Monday, do a training day, and then the official conference. I’ll share more later, but if you happen to read this and will be there, please do say hi.

That’s it for now—time for lunch and some office cleanup.

(1) This is a big inside joke for me. Whenever I’d be with my mother, and we’d observe or otherwise get frustrated with people driving recklessly or doing other shameful things out in public, I would start singing this song, expressing my innate default response to be a recluse.