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Journal -- August 5, 2022

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Friday, August 5, 2022 – Hello world, from my new laptop. I ordered this two months ago after an uncomfortable feeling that I was reliant on Mac hardware for my consulting income but the higher end model laptops of which I would want were becoming harder to order on short notice. Sure enough it took two months to get here but I am glad it has arrived.

I’m still getting it setup and might post some longer notes in the future. Early on I’m enjoying the hardware but rolling my eyes at the OS software. I was sticking to the older macOS 10.15 for a while since I did not have much interest in the UI changes of macOS 11 and then 12. I knew I’d have to update eventually but the new laptop kind of forces my hand.

The other big news of the week was my commitment to do the Elixir Exercism cohort. It technically starts on Monday, August 8th) but I’ve been busy working through some of the early exercises, recording myself on video as I go. My hope is that the routine spurs me to some more educational stuff in the future.

Otherwise it has been a quite week. Did some more work towards my apartment move, locking down my new place, notifying my current landlord, hiring movers, etc. Going to be moving first week of October. It is a big chore but I’m hoping the new place will be less stressful.

I had plans to go to the shore today (Friday) but my aunt whose house I would have been staying at got sick. Instead I’ll be going down on Sunday and staying a few days at the friend of my sister (whom is already down there). Should be fun, mostly just the beach time and book reading.

I took a step back from MLB: The Show this week after a few frustrating games where I just could not hit the ball. Took up Chrono Trigger on my DS as a substitue. I may take it down the shore with me.