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Journal -- September 18, 2022

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Sunday, September 18, 2022 – It has been too long since a general journal update so let’s get into it.

The big item since my last journal was the ElixirConf trip, and I did a short recap of that already.

In the two weeks since ElixirConf, I’ve had some extreme swings in mood and focus. Some days I’ve been reasonably productive, and some days totally out of it. This past week I’ve tried to get some extra sleep, which seemed to help. I think the most significant factor is the lack of day-to-day responsibilities and client work. Usually, those bad down days will happen, but if I have responsibilities, like meetings, check-ins, or people expecting some work from me, I typically get over it. Without an active client gig, those flat emotions can sometimes get the better of me.

I did spend a bit of time on Monday shooting out emails to help drum up contract work, though no takers yet.

One way I am trying to fill the void is to help volunteer a bit with the DockYard Academy. They are working on their Elixir curriculum through some beta classes, and I’ve found a few ways to help (some merged PRs)

I’ve also kept up with my Elixir Exercism video series, usually publishing a video once a day. I plan to finish the “learning exercises” and probably change focus to other projects.

My Franklin blog project has seen some work done. I merged a PR that added the ability to update a post, and I have a local in-development branch that gets the LiveView UI working in a basic enough fashion. I’ll add some tests to that before making a new PR.

In apartment moving news, I’ve finally started packing some boxes. The move will be on October 4th, and I’m doing my best to box and label everything with care. Next weekend I’ll kick this into high gear and start living out of a suitcase, using paper plates, and so on as I box all the day-to-day life stuff.

Looking ahead to next week, I’d say my priorities are:

  • Packing more stuff for the move.
  • Get unwanted furniture picked up.
  • Continue posting Exercism videos.
  • Continue some part-time help with DockYard Academy.
  • Start investigating short-term income streams while I wait for a consulting gig to land.
  • Be more active in soliciting a consulting gig.
  • Enjoy the end of the baseball season. It’ll be gone before I know it.
  • Go to the Phillies game on Friday.