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Announcing my New Full-Time Job

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I have some big news: Starting December 4th, I’ll be working full-time as a Senior Elixir Developer for Allovue, where they build web-based accounting software for school districts.

This change is particularly significant because I’ve been self-employed as a freelance consultant for most of my career.

Frankly, finding consistent Elixir contracts over the last 18 months has been challenging. I’ve had some ongoing client work, but I have generally described the situation as underemployed to friends and family. While I continue to enjoy Elixir, compared to my historic iOS and Rails contracting, I found companies preferring full-time employees or more extensive consultancy team assignments. Sometimes, I was lucky enough to get subcontracts for such teams, but being outside of those relationships disadvantaged me.

With that context, I started to keep an open mind and consider different job openings a few months ago. When it came to Allovue, I felt aligned with what they were doing and looking for. The interview process took some time, and I kept my expectations in check because you never really know how these things will turn out.

When I eventually got the offer and considered all my observations about the opportunity, it was a good fit. My primary responsibilities will include:

  • Mentoring the junior contributors.
  • Owning individual threads of Elixir and LiveView work.
  • Helping explore larger product and architecture decisions.

I’ll share more as things get going. It’s going to be an exciting new year for sure.