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Shutting Down ElixirClub

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After six months, today I announced ElixirClub’s closure. For context and for those many souls who did not know:

ElixirClub is (was/hopped to be) an outcome-oriented community that helps Elixir developers finish their side projects.

I ran the site on Circle, hosted some weekly events and async project update threads – but the hard truth is that I was not able to create even the modest-sized community that I was aiming for.

There are reasons and lessons to be learned about pricing, pitches and what not. Ultimately it was very niche target and did not have a strong marketing angle.

I thought it was best to close it down, issue refunds (automated and manual) as best I can and move on. To what? I have no idea.

There is a awful bad taste anytime you put you and a side project of yours out there, …and it fails.

It’s been many years since I had a solid side project win and I’d be lying if I did not also share, I feel like I’ve lost some of the side project drive I’ve had in the past.

I am trying to “just keep swimming” as it were and even today have a new little side project in the wings, but I’m really hoping for a win soon™.