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March 2024 Review

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A collection of accomplishments, notes, and observations about March 2024.


Work is ok. Chipping away at our big project. Some things feel like they take forever as I need to unpack our complex domain and/or more advanced LiveView things.

Feel like I continue to improve my impact with the team. Getting well known for in-depth code reviews. Also trying to mind the balance of providing deep feedback without coming off like an asshole.

My big goal for the month is to get my head around PowerSchool’s career ladder and then figure out what I should be doing to advance in rank/compensation.

Side Projects

Nothing to report.

Tech Education / Books

I’m actively reading Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software for Elixir Book Club. I’m enjoying it and hope to start expressing some of what I’m learning at work and elsewhere soon.

Still slowly working through the book version of Productive Field Guide. I filled out my roles and arete. Next up is shaping some projects and wanted outcomes.

Have not yet started the Obsidian Field Guide, but I am using Obsidian a bit at work and on my personal laptop. Still waiting to see if it will stick. Changing some writing habits (and hotkeys) takes time.

Video Games

Enjoying MLB: The Show 24. Been focusing a lot on the BR program, but man the grind is slow. I think it closes in 10 days so if I want to finish will need to give it more of my time.

Started a new farm using Stardew Valley 1.6, but only a few days in.


Baseball is back. Took off on Friday to watch opening day (though the Phillies lost). My first game in-person is Friday, April 12th.

Walks and Exercise

No walks, but I’m hoping the weather will welcome that soon.

Keeping up with Supernatural for some exercise about twice a week.

Also, got a nice swimming session in last week at the YMCA. Should try to make that happen more often.

What’s Next?

Nothing too crazy on deck for April. Been keeping up with life management things (taxes, dentist) and expect more of that. I have jury duty mid-month.

Hopefully, these notes are interesting to you (or me in the future). If you have any questions or feedback, let me know.