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May 2024 Review

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A collection of accomplishments, notes, and observations about May 2024.


Stress and uneasiness.

Code wise, mostly focusing on Highchart implementations as the team works towards finishing up a specific epic story.

Side Projects

Had a few short coding sessions on Flick, but not as much as I would have liked.

Tech Education / Books

Finished reading Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software for Elixir Book Club.

We picked A Philosophy of Software Design, 2nd Edition as our next book and I’m four chapters in. I read it a while ago, but recall enjoying it. It is a much easier read than the DDD book. I find some of it’s recommendations a bit surface level, but still a good book to get your brain thinking about your own work.

Started the Obsidian Field Guide. Also made the decision I’m going to use Obsidian but also OmniFocus (for task tracking) and not attempt an all-in-one solution.

Started reading The Art of PostgreSQL and also working through some of these tutorials as I work to skill up my Postgres usage.

Video Games / TV

Continue playing Stardew Valley 1.6. I’m in Winter of my first year.

Small amount of MLB: The Show, but not even coming close to finishing programs or the season XP. Reading online, people who are focused on grinding are having trouble keeping up.

Finished For All Mankind on Apple TV+.

Started Dark Matter on Apple TV+. I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it. Enjoying the show as well. First time in a long time I find myself anxious for new episodes weekly.


Watching and listening a bunch. Phillies are on fire. Reminds me of so much fun during the 1993 season.

I was able to attend the Rhys game and that was awesome.

Walks and Exercise

A few walks, but need to do more. No VR lately. Will likely unsub until next Winter.

Other Notes

Overall, my head is not in a good space. When I’m busy, I generally get through and do the needed work. On those off days, though, I sometimes find myself frozen, without the drive to get through some of these projects I’ve defined for myself.

Some of this is natural—the ebbs and flows of life—but this occurrence is driven explicitly by unease in multiple parts of my life right now. Getting closure on these things would be good, though I don’t expect that to happen fast.

What’s Next?

Headed down the shore for a few days with my sister in June. Also purchased ElixirConf tickets for August. Got some Phillies tickets for August as well.