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Franklin was a project written in Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView. It was an intentionally over-engineered blog application, an opportunity for me to play around and learn how to build software in an event-sourced / CQRS model using Commanded.

I tinkered with a the project over a very part-time basis during summer of 2022 through spring 2023 but in the end decided to move on to new ideas.

I explained in this blog post, that I had launch cold feet since there was a notable complexity to launching it (and migrating all my Hugo content) and I just wasn’t up for it. There was not enough benefit to justify the cost/time.

The Franklin repo and project board are still on GitHub (though marked as archived).

The documentation page is also still up. Specifically I’m proud of the Testing in Franklin article (I suspect I’ll migrate that to my next project) as well as the idea of building our a decision document list.